Tarte’s Maracuja Oil

There are a lot of reviews for Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, but I wanted to give my insights on it. My first introduction to the product was a small 15ml sample. I used it before bed to test its effect overnight; the next morning I got a breakout so I assumed it was because of the oil, so I gave it to S to try it out. Later I found out that the breakout was due to the use of a different product. So, I decided to give Tarte’s Maracuja Oil another shot. This time I used it in the morning, and the results were Halo, the oil was the right Clique for my mixed skin as well as S’s sensitive skin. I noticed that my skin was clearer, hydrated and with continuous use the dark circles decreased. So, if you are like me and the oil didn’t work for you the first time, don’t give up and give it another try! Tarte’s Maracuja Oil has become an essential part of our daily skincare regime, love applying it in the morning, before bed and before makeup.

Before using the oil my skin was dry, blotchy and breaks out in some spots. Since I started using the oil my skin has became soft, healthy and even. Some of the results will not be immediate but are noticeable over time. If you apply more than three drops of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, it can make your skin oily and greasy but nothing bad will happen; the worst thing is that your hair will get stuck on your skin. But don’t worry you won’t be greasy all day because the oil soaks in very fast. If you are worried that might happen to you, you can do what I do which is wear a headband before starting my daily skincare regimen.
As for S, since she has a sensitive skin this product worked magically for her. She even replaced her moisturizer with it. Since using it, she noticed that her skin is more clear and she has been getting fewer breakouts. She started with a small sample, but now she purchased it twice. It is an essential part of her beauty regime now.
She also uses a drop of the oil on her lips before applying a lip liner or a matt lipstick. She found out that by doing so, her lips stays hydrated for a fair amount of time.
S also tried using the oil to tame flyways. She found that it only work temporarily. So, it is better to keep this for your skin only.
We LOVE LOVE LOVE to share since the oil can be a little greasy when applied directly, the trick is to add a drop or two of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil to your moisturizer to get the same effects if you don’t want to directly apply oil to your skin.

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