Liquid Eyeliner Vs. Gel Eyeliner


G has tried high-end and regular drugstore eyeliner. This Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Liner is by far the best one G has used. It is a black liquid eyeliner with a has a very thin, firm, and flexible brush. The application is smooth and the brush is amazing, it ensures a precise, flawless even line. It is to draw a thin line for during the day, and just touch up on it and make it more dramatic for an evening look. The eyeliner is not waterproof, so if you made a mistake drawing a line it is easily removable and fixable. Besides waterproof eyeliner always cakes on my eyelid. G would recommend this to everyone. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to share that it is a great long-lasting eyeliner with a dark black color. The brush applicator makes it easy to draw a thin line for a more modest look or a dramatic eye-cat look for the evening. If you are a beginner to liquid eyeliners, you can also get this Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Liner because it is super easy to use and the brush just glides on your eyelid. If you make a mistake you can remove it very fast and it won’t leave a black smudge on your skin. However, the eyeliner color is a very dark black shade, so if you have a fair very light skin G would not suggest using this eyeliner just because she think that the color shade doesn’t look good on fair skin.

Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Liner is one of G’s favorite eyeliners and she would keep re-purchasing despite the price.


S wasn’t a huge fan of this eyeliner. She prefers gel eyeliner rather than liquid. She tried it couple of times and she said that it is very dark (which is a huge plus). If you’re like S then you probably end up having each eye a little bit different. S did not find it easy to correct mistakes with this eyeliner which is a big no for her. She also did not like the applicator, there’s eyeliner on the wand holding the brush and it always gets on her fingers and sometimes her face. S would prefer a gel eyeliner over this at any time.