Romantics Bear Lip Color (Lip Tint)


G got this Lip Tint product about 5 months ago. She has literally used it a couple of time only. You are probably wondering why G didn’t give it more tries, it could’ve worked. Well, not for her, because applying it was a nightmare and it smudged everywhere, it got into her teeth as well, how ANNOYING is that!!!

First lets talk about the shipping. When G ordered these online, she requested expedite shipping and yet the shipping speed was standard. So, G spent extra shipping money for nothing. When the lip tint arrived, the packaging was ok, G is thankful that the lip color didn’t stain all over the package like it happened to some customers online.

Now comes the application process. Ugh, lets just say it was awful. The first color G has tried was the Cherry Red. The colored looked great on the tube, and it came out of the tube looking Halo. BUT the lip color came out in a large quantity, so it was not easy to apply. It was also sticky when applying it. G thought that she could apply it using the end of the tube, but it was impossible since the liquid was sticky and G couldn’t get a full lip coverage by using the end of the tube. So, she had to apply the lip color using her fingers, because the lip color liquid kept comping out of the tube as she was gliding it on her lips.

After the long application process, G had to not move her lips and wait for the lip color to dry for about 15 minutes before pealing the lip color off her lips (that was the instructions on the package). When the 15 minutes passed, G pealed the taint off her lips which was fairly easy, but the result was horrible. The color got in her teeth and left a stain, and looked blotchy.

After about a month G tried the lip tint again, hoping for a better or at least different result, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. G was just as disappointed as the first time she tried the lip tint 🙁


Hi it’s S! I saw this lip taint and was excited to try it. Many girls on Instagram and youtube say that it’s amazing. So I only tried it only one time.. and boy was it messy! Applying this product is not the easiest thing. I mean i’ve been using makeup for years now and i’m pretty good at not painting my teeth. Though with this lip taint.. it got everywhere! I remember smiling in the mirror and seeing my teeth all red.. I’m glad no one saw that >_<

Other than the color leaking, it was actually hard to apply it on her lips since it was so sticky! I thought about using a lip brush but honestly I think it would be ruined and I wouldn’t be able to clean it up. So after applying I waited 15 minutes, then I tried to peel it off. Here’s the thing, the process looked so easy when other girls did it in videos, but in reality.. IT HURT! I didn’t the fact that I’m hurting my lips just to get a glimpse of a color on them. I’d rather eat a popsicle lol. Oh and if you try to peel it off early before it completely dries..good luck getting it off your hands, love.

I wouldn’t recommend this product, the mess and pain is not worth it.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that it is probably not a good idea to buy the Romantics Bear Lip Color.