What’s in My Makeup Bag?


Hello everyone it’s G here,

To start of lets talk about the products both myself and S has tried. Then S will talk about the rest of them.

The Colossal Mascara by MAYBELLINE:

I have long thick lashes and has been using The Colossal Mascara by MAYBELLINE for about 6 months now. I think that this mascara is honestly one of the best drugstores mascaras I have ever tried. It is waterproof, which is awesome!! Although being waterproof makes it hard to take off, but I would go with waterproof mascara over anything. Along with its waterproof power, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that this mascara gave my eyelashes a nice volume and length. Making my eyes looking Halo even without any kind of eye makeup on. If you have watery eyes, don’t worry, because the colossal mascara won’t run down your eyes. What I also love about the mascara is that it’s super affordable. You don’t need high-end mascara girls; drugstores products can do wonders 😉

Hey it’s S!

Unlike G I don’t have long thick lashes. Instead I have short and barely noticeable eyelashes. I tried this mascara two times and I really don’t like it. It makes my eyelashes look clumpy and it’s hard to take off. Every time I wiped it off, I would take off 3 eyelashes or so. I don’t understand that to be honest. The point of a mascara is to accentuate your lashes and create a beautiful full illusion.. not cause you to lose your eyelashes. I would not recommend this product to anyone. 🙁 sorry

Tarte’s Lip Paint, in shade “Delish”:


I loved the color and that’s about it. The color shade was wonderful on my tan skin tone. It is a long-lasting lipstick (you could wear it for several hours without fading, but not a 24hour kind of deal). It’s easy to apply, dries very fast giving a nice matte effect. And it looks great but it made my lips very clumpy and dry after 2 hours even though I applied lip balm beforehand. Which made me very uncomfortable. Tarte’s Lip Paint is super pigmented matte lipstick, kind of a thick layer when applied which is why it dried my lips.  When it dries IT LITERALLY DRIES!! Bottom line I do not LOVE LOVE LOVE to share this but I would not recommend buying this lip paint if you have naturally dry lips like mine. Love your products Tarte, but this time I was very disappointed that this lip paint wasn’t my Clique.

Hey it’s S! I love this lipstick! yes it does dry your lips as G said, but for me as long as apply lipbalm before applying it; it doesn’t really bother me. The color is to die for LOVE LOVE LOVE to share it with you guys! Tarte’s Tartiest lip paint is my Clique. 

Blusher by H&M No. 18 Sweet Rose:

Blusher by H&M…because why not! This kind of blusher is what makes you Halo and Clique with everyone. This blusher shade makes you sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”. BTW It was one of mine and S’s favorite songs in college; we used to sing it ALL THE TIME lol! We sang before class, after class, in the hallways…etc. Anyways, back to the blusher. I love it because it is a very nice shade; it is pink with a small hint of coral, and it comes in pressed powder pack making it easy to travel with. It is not too bright and not too shiny, just the right amount of pink. But don’t get crazy when applying it, start with small dusting strokes over the apples of your cheeks and go from there. Only apply more if you feel like you need more. Because I tend to go nuts with blushers sometimes, so don’t be a G 😛

Hey it’s S! 

I remember the day that I bought this blusher. It was my first blusher and I got lucky! it stays on for a very long time and the shade is just so pretty.  I also tend to over-apply at some times, I noticed that this blush is very easy to remove in case I end up looking like a clown lol. The price for blusher is very cheap too! I remember it was $9.99. 

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to share this product, and it totally made me feel Halo! H&M Blusher and I Clique!

MAYBELLINE Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer in shade Medium:


I have a tan skin tone as I said before, and my skin is not sensitive. This is a light-shade MAYBELLINE Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. This concealer is one shade lighter than my skin, which was the problem. But other than the wrong shade, it can conceal dark circles very well, it blends fast with the skin, and a small amount of it can cover a large area. The finish is smooth, and beautiful. If you want it to last longer, be sure to set with a powder. Nevertheless, applying a color corrector first is a good idea if you have very dark circles. If it doesn’t work well when you apply it in your regular method, try this, spread it using the applicator, then spreading it with the tip of your finger, finally blending it with your skin using a beauty blender. If I can make it Clique with my skin tone even though it’s the wrong shade, you can make it work for you!

Hi hi it’s S

My skintone is lighter than G, so this product suited me perfectly 🙂

I bought it after seeing many youtubers swear by its magical powers to completely cover dark circles. What I can say from my own experience is the following: 

The concealer is great for covering blemishes, light scars and imperfections. It’s very easy to blend and last quite a bit. I really love it. 

As for dark circles, I don’t believe that this concealer alone is perfect for that. (unless you would like a light cover up). In my case, I have never used any concealer that completely covered my dark circles, so I am not surprised this one didn’t. 

Though the trick to cover your dark circles is by color correcting first. No need to buy a fancy color correction palette or anything like that. Just grab any red lipstick and cover your dark circles with it. Then start blending with a brush or beauty blender. (I wouldn’t recommend your finger, this gets messy). After blending it well add a layer of concealer and blend. If you follow these steps then bye bye dark circles! 

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to share this concealer and it really was a Clique for me. 


I’ll be honest I was a bit hesitant to purchase a 20 dollar sponge, it just seemed like a waste of money. But after hearing so many reviews about the BeautyBlender, I decided to give it a shot. And now I am in love with it. I used it to apply foundation, concelrear, and highlighter. Love that it is reusable, so I don’t have to spend another 20 dollar every time I want to use a beautyblender. It is super easy to clean, easy to use, soft on your skin, and comes in gorgeous colors.

Since it is a sponge, then it is normal of it to absorb any kind of liquid. That says that unfortunately it absorbs your liquid makeup as well. So, you don’t get as much makeup coverage as you think. To avoid this problem I would recommend applying your liquid products with a brush first then going over it again with the beautyblender to even it out and take the excess off.


I have mixed feelings about this product. Here’s what I like about it: 

  • easy to use (Just use it damp)
  • blends make up very well
  • soft
  • versatile uses

Here’s what I don’t like: 

  • The fact that you have to use it damp makes me thinking of all the bacteria that could live in it. 
  • Cleaning it is not easy. 
  • It start to break after a bit. I noticed when I was cleaning it, it started to rip a little and that just bothered me. 
  • It takes time to dries 
  • It sucks up most of the product
I’m not sure whether or not to recommend it, so I’ll stay neutral until I find a better product. 

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Moisture Rich Hydrating Balm:



I got this lipbalm a while ago and I really like it. When you first apply it, you’ll feel minty tingling sensation on your lips (I know it sounds weird lol) but it goes away in seconds. This product stays on for a very long time. I only apply it two times a day. Which is much less than the other products I used to use. 

I also find it very hydrating, and I always use it before using a matte lipstick. This product was a Clique for me. I truly felt Halo with it on. 

P.S It’s all natural and organic! 

Trestique Highlight Stick:


If you’re looking for a subtle highlight that doesn’t look you’re going out to party, then this highlighter is for you! I like this highlighter because it’s subtle and easy to use. The applicator is super easy to use and fun. Just draw a line on your cheekbones and blend with your fingers. It’s very easy to blend. ‘

I would recommend this product for every day use. It does make me look more refreshed and Halo at work. 

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara:


This mascara doesn’t only gives volume but length as well. I think my eyelashes are naturally long but I always love making them longer. It is a good mascara, but not great. I mean it doesn’t clump your eyelashes, or at least that didn’t happen to me. It has a dark black color which I love. The dark color gives a more dramatic effect to the eyes, in my opinion at least.

The mascara feels light on the eyelashes, unlike some other brands where you can feel that you are wearing mascara. The best thing about it is that it makes your eyelashes look natural, no one can tell that you are wearing mascara if you apply one layer of it. But don’t expect a big change, like a big lash volume and length. If you want the volume and length you would need to apply at least 3 layers of it, and I don’t like doing that because that would cause the mascara to be sticky and clumpy on my eyelashes.

Generally, it is a good temporary mascara. You can get it until you get you favorite mascara, it is also good if you want a mascara for a daily use and don’t want to get a high-end mascara every month. With that said, I don’t really recommend buying it, unless you are a fan of L’Oreal mascara’s.

S : 
This mascara did not really give me volume, just length. I wouldn’t say that it’s amazing or anything. I mean, it’s O.K. for daily use. It’ll make your eyelashes look longer and make you look more awake and refreshed but nothing amazing.
I would recommend this for work and for everyday use. Though I must say I didn’t feel Halo in it.