Benefit Body Balm


Hello everyone it’s G,

Today I am going to talk to you about Benefit Body Balm. It comes with an sponge applicator in a lovely retro chic tin packaging. Although you can use it anywhere, I only applied their Bathina “take a picture…it lasts longer…” on my legs. It has a subtle and sweet floral-scent but it’s not an overwhelming smell, I mean it won’t overpower your fragrance smell. However, I wouldn’t wear another perfume with it.

The body balm is a versatile cream with a pinkish glow. Which makes it easy to wear at anytime. I love using it after a shower during the summer, especially if I was going to wear a short summer dress or shorts.


It gave my legs a nice sheer shimmery glow. What was Halo about it is that it didn’t leave a greasy feel on my legs, and it didn’t moisturize them either. It just evened out my skin tone and added a nice naturally-looking radiance to my legs.

It is a bit pricy but if you buy it once you don’t need to buy it again in a long time. If you don’t like using such products in a daily basis, it is still nice to have it for special occasions, wearing it when you are going out at nigh for example.