A Must Have Eyeshadow Palette


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Anastasia has the best makeup, it is one of my favorite brands. The product I want to talk to you about is their eyeshadow palette, it’s called Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette. In my opinion it has all the essential colors you need for all seasons.  The palette itself is beautiful and chic, it is rectangle-shaped with a pinkish-velvet exterior. When  you open it you find a mirror and double-ended eyeshadow brush along with the 14 shades of eyeshadow. All the shades have the right amount of glitter on them. The combination between dark and light eyeshadow colors make the palette perfect to use for both morning and night looks.

The shades are Warm Taupe and Tempera, both shade are beautiful. Warm taupe is a grey-sandy color. While tempera is more like a beige color. Golden Ochre, is a yellowish shade, like the sand in the desert. Then we have the metallic colors Vermeer and Primavera. Vermeer is a metallic gold shade while primavera is more like beige metallic color. There is also Buon Fresco, Cyprus Umberand and Antique Bronze. Buon Fresco is a light lavender shade just like the flower. While antique bronze and cyprus umberand have a brownish shade. The difference between the two is that antique bronze is metallic and cyprus umber and is a plain brown shade, making it similar to the color of mud. There is also Love Letter and Venetian Red they are both red but the shades are different. Love letter is a gorgeous raspberry color while venetian red is more like a crimson color. Red Ochre and Realgar. Red Ochre is a dark fruity orange shade, kind of like the color of pomegranate. While Realgar is a lighter orange shade with a hint of red. The last two colors are Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange. Raw sienna is like the color of honey or sunrise. Burnt orange is one shade darker than raw sienna making it similar to sunset. The metallic colors give a metallic finish and the rest of the colors give a matte finish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that the colors are highly pigmented, a tiny amount of the shadow goes a long way. So you don’t have to add water to them to make them last long or look dark.


The palette is entirely focused on warm colors except Buon Fresco which is a cold color. It is one of the best palette I have. I love the fact that I can use it all year round.






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