NYX Butter Lipstick – Smooth!


Hey it’s G,

NYX Butter Lipstick is very smooth and moist, which is perfect for my dry lips. It comes in many colors, but I only have two BLS29 and BLS17 (Lifeguard and Root Beer Float). It is a fantastic product, very smooth, it literally glides when I apply it. It gave my lips a slight shine but only for a little while, right after its application and it does not cake on my lips.

Root Beer Float color was great for me because I have a tan skin and my lips are a bit darker than most women, so most light or nude lipsticks don’t look good on me, but this shade blended well with my skin tone.

Lifeguard is a bordeaux/burgundy color. This shade is great for fall and winter.  It is a gorgeous color, not very dramatic on tan skin, and it makes my lips look sexy. When I use it I like drawing a slightly winded eyeliner with no eyeshadow, this was my face does not look very dramatic. Because, personally I feel if you are applying a strong eyeshadow you need soft lips and vice versa.

However, NYX Butter Lipstick does not last long, so if you plan to use it all day you must reapply it frequently.