Bobbi Brown CC Cream


Hello everyone it’s G,

Bobbi Brown CC Cream was the first CC cream I buy. I first noticed the product during Christmas while I was shopping for gifts. I tried it in the store along with a concealer and corrector and loved them all, because I felt like CC cream evened out my skin and I wouldn’t have to use correcting creams. So, I went ahead and bought the CC cream, as for the concealer and corrector I just got them because mine finished. But when I tried it at home the next day the result I got later was not as good as I thought, it was not horrible either. It felt more like a foundation than a CC cream. However, I wouldn’t buy it again.


Since I have a tan skin, I got the “Warm Nude” shade from Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35. The cream is easy to use, you can blend it using a beauty blender or brush. It gives a light coverage which is Halo. But you need to blend it well to get the natural look. It also gives the skin a nice glow. When I used it at home I felt like I am wearing foundation not a foundation-like cream. It didn’t even out my skin very well, and it made my skin feel dry. But the glow was nice *.*

In the store I used the corrector and concealer as the base layer then I applied the CC cream. So, when I started doing that at home, I got the same results I got at the store, which made me love the product and think that it was the right CC Clique for me. Then I realized that the process of applying a concealer and a corrector before the CC is not worth it, because it is a CC cream it should even out my skin without me having to apply a base layer to it. So, I started using it as a primer until it finished.

It didn’t work for but it might for you. However, if you ask me I wouldn’t recommend buying it.