Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream


Hey it’s G here,

I got Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream to help with my under eye puffiness and hydrate the area. I know it is a hydrating cream and might not help with the puffiness but I thought maybe if I used something to hydrate and moisturize my user eye area, the puffiness could lessen. The product was GREAT and Halo. Very little of the cream is needed for it to be effective. What I do is take a tiny amount with the tip of my finger and pat under my eyes then give it a little message in a circular motion to make sure that I covered the whole area.


The cream is fantastic. It was the right Clique for my under eye. It did an awesome job in hydrating them. And the cream didn’t take a long time for my skin to absorb it, even though it is very thick. My under eye didn’t get a greasy feel from it nor did I sense that it left an oily finish. It is pricy but worth it. Because a tiny amount goes a long way, the cream will last long, and gives fast results.

P.S my under eye is not oily, it is just a little dry.