Smashbox Primer Smashes Your Face!


Hey it’s G,

My sister gave me her Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Hydrating Primer because it did not Clique with her skin, she had an immediate allergic reaction to it. So, I got it and didn’t use it right away because there was no occasion where I felt like I had to apply a hydrating primer before wearing makeup. Anyways, when I tried the hydrating primer, I felt an instant dryness, keep in my mind that I have a naturally dry skin. So, not only did the cream did not hydrate my skin, it made it more dry. SHOCKING! I didn’t think that there is a hydrating cream that could make a dry skin even more dry; but I guess I was wrong, it’s Smashbox Hydrating Primer. Also, it made my face feel tight and itchy. 

I tried it a second time and this time I decided to wear full makeup. I noticed that not only did it not hydrate, it didn’t work as a primer either. When you apply a primer, it should help keep the foundation on and smooth the skin to aid in smoothly applying foundation. And with this Smashbox Primer I didn’t feel that it smoothed my skin nor did it keep the foundation on.


As for my sister, her main issue with it is that it cause her skin to break and noticed the appearance of a few pimples in the area she used Smashbox Primer.

At the end we LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Hydrating Primer was not Halo nor Clique for G’s dry skin.