Blush Duo, Good Job


Hello, G is here,

Blushes blushes blushes, Love blushes I think that they give the face a nice glow. Today’s blush is from Sephora Collection, called MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo in Tangerine Tease shade. This shade is a combination between tangerine and orange. Kind of like grapefruit skin.

I saw the blush on sale so I got it. Now it is one of my favorite blushes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that you can use it as a blush and a luminizer. It is very easy to apply but it can be over applied very fast too. I love blushes so much. So, when I use them sometimes I like wearing extra layers just in case it was a light blush and would fade away. There is no need to that with this one because it is pigmented. Don’t be a G and apply more than one or two layers of blush.

blushWhat is Halo about this blush is that it easily blends with your skin and can be easily blended with other blush shades. It is also very light, so you wouldn’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all.

This blusher shade was a great Clique with my tan skin tone, and it could be a Clique with yours. Keep in mind that if you didn’t get the desired effect from blending the matt blush with the luminizer, there is no need to get frustrated. Because, you can always use the matte blush and luminizer separately. By that I mean the luminizer can be used as highlight while the matt color can be used as a blush. Or you can use it as a light contour to define your face bones.