Sunbleached or Not!


Hey everyone it’s G,

I love eyeshadow palettes because they allow me to have multiple colors in one place. I am not a fan on buying separate shadow colors. So, I got Sephora’s Sunbleached Filter Palette. I loved how the colors looked online, and saw that Sephora had a sale on it, so, I went ahead and bought one.

s1669969-main-Lhero.jpgThe palette come with a big mirror, I LOVE big mirrors on palettes, it also comes with 10 light eyeshadow colors. The colors are called, Walking in the sand, which is very light beige/yellowish color like beach sand. #tbt which is a grey color with light grey glitter, kind of like a glittery dust. Selfie, it’s a plain brown shade. Whitewashed, this color is peach just like the fruit. Sandy toes, which is a light yellow, a shade darker than walking in the sand. Swan song, a peachy-pink color with light glitter. There is also swell, latergram, and desert rose. The shades are light orange, light brown, rose-brown, and baby pink. The light orange, light brown and rose-brown colors are similar to sky colors during sunset. All colors look great on the palette.

When I applied the colors without using a primer, I noticed that the colors are not pigmented at all. You would need to apply a primer or more than one layer to get a dramatic effect. If you are going for a very light eyeshadow that is barely noticeable, the palette would work just fine for you. By that I mean if you want to get the same effect of Snapchat or Instagram filters, the palette is great.

The purpose of the palette is to give you the same effect of social media filters and it succeeded in doing that.

Personally, I don’t like to hide my eyes with a dramatic eyeshadow very much, I prefer light, natural colors. That is why Sephora’s Sunbleached Filter Palette was the right Clique for me. The palette is something I would use during the day, going to work or school, but I wouldn’t use it at night if I am going to a party or a special occasion.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that this palette give the filter effect as advertised, so if you want a very light eyeshadow, I recommend getting it but if you want pigmented colors I don’t recommend getting this palette.