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blush me

Hello everyone it’s G,

I got three shades of Blush Me by Sephora Collection. Blush me is a cream blush not powder. The shades I got are All Smiles, Crazed and Confused, and Out of Control. Their colors are orange, rouge, and violet.

All Smile is a nice orangy/coral color. It is a gorgeous shade, it gives a natural light orange tone to your cheeks. While Crazed and Confused gives a stunning rouge tone to the cheeks. As for Out of Control, it is not an overpowering violet, it is actually a very subtle violet shade, the color give your cheeks a beautiful violet tone.

blush meThe colors are gorgeous and highly pigmented. They are also easily applied and blendable. You can either apply the blush using a beauty blender or your fingers. Personally I prefer blending cream blush with my fingers, I feel that I can control the blending better with the tip of my fingers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that I like mixing all smile with crazed and confused, the mixture gives a spectacular peony or punch color.

P.S since the colors are pigmented, be careful not to add way too much of it. I usually take the blush and tap it on my face a couple of times before blending. If you feel like a couple of taps weren’t enough, you can add more layers (taps). But I wouldn’t recommend adding a thick layer because that would make the blush look heavy and clumpy.



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