Sun-Kissed Bronzer Glow


Hello lovely readers it’s G,

The first and only bronzer I own is from Sephora Collection it is called MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo. I have color 2 which is Spicy Heat. The shade is a duo between shimmering sepia and slightly dark cider.

When I bought the bronzer I wasn’t sure that it is the right shade for me, but it was on sale for $11 and I thought it is a good deal and if it didn’t work for me I would give it to my sister or one of my friends. When it arrived I was very excited to try it on, but I waited until the weekend and here is what I think about it: 

bronzerI LOVE it. Usually I don’t think that I need a bronzer because my skin in naturally tan and most of the bronzers I saw makes the skin look orange and fake. But this one was a great Clique for me. It made realize that I love my skin tone even more with a bronzer.

I used the bronzer after applying my foundation and it gave my skin a nicely toned bronze color. It was not heavy in color, which is AWESOME; and my biggest fear of having an orange face didn’t happen. Instead I got a beautifully sun-kissed glow. The same result you get after sun tanning…

I LOVE OVE LOVE to share that if you have a tanned skin tone and looking for a bronzer  Sephora’s MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo is a good choice and cheap… Why spend $$$$ when you can get a great result by spending $$