Kat Von D Halo Lipstick

Hey readers it’s G,

Today I come to you with a lipstick treasure. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I have this lipstick in two amazing colors Vampira and Lolita. Vampira is a gorgeous dark mulberry color. Lolita is a stunning rouge color. Vampira color is as stunning as Dahlia Burgundy Black Flower. While Lolita is a Snapdragon flower without the contour 😛

lolita lipstickEverlasting Liquid Lipstick is a creamy lipstick. What makes it Halo is that it is highly pigmented, long-lasting, easy to apply, non-drying, light, non-sticky, and matte.

I love both shades they look amazing on my lips and match my tan skin tone perfectly. I have to add that I think they make my lips look sexy..

Now lets talk about all the good qualities I mentioned above:

  • Highly pigmented: Better than most lipsticks. These lipsticks are very pigmented and the colors are just amazing. One layer is more than enough to get the color of the lipstick to transfer onto your lips.
  •  Easy to apply: The applicator is great. Nothing special about it, it is like most other lipstick applicators. Which is why it is very easy to use the applicator when you want to wear this lipstick. It glides on you lips. So there is no need to go over the same spot twice.
  • Non-drying: I usually wear lip balm before I put on any lipstick. And I didn’t notice that this lipstick was drying. So, if you felt like this lipstick is drying try wearing lip balm as a base layer. Nor did I have any problems with it fading or not drying properly.
  • Light: It is very light in weight, and comfortable. I mean you won’t feel like you are wearing lipstick. Which is AMAZING!
  • Non-sticky: When I used this lipstick I didn’t get a sticky feeling. It blended well with my lips.
  • Matte: It gives a nice matte finish that lasts for hours.

vampira lipstick

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share that Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is simply wonderful and I highly recommend getting it. I was a great Clique for me because not many lipsticks have a long lasting feature like this one..

Other brands should use this long-lasting and pigmented formula…Seriously!