Skin Food Caviar Serum?


Hey it’s G,

I noticed that most of my posts have been about makeup products in the past couple of weeks. So, I decided to make a change and write about a skincare product. Its a serum for wrinkle care, but since I don’t have wrinkles I’ll talk about its other benefits, or at least what I observed on me.

The serum is from Skin Food and it’s their Gold Caviar Serum. You can find it on Amazon. The instructions say that you need to apply it after applying their toner, but since I don’t have the toner I applied the serum directly. I used it for a week so far, and I only apply it once a day which is at night time before going to bed.

I noticed that this serum moisturized my skin and made it softer. In other words, it hydrates and smooths the skin. It also brightened my face and gave me a nice morning glow. These were the only three results I had from the serum.

The results were noticeable the next day for me… It might take a while for other skin types.

P.S I have a dry skin.