Estée Lauder Not Impressed

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Hey lovely readers it’s G,

This product by Estée Lauder is an Advanced Night Repair Serum, a Synchronized Recovery Complex II. It is good for all skin types and designed to reduce aging signs. Signs like wrinkles and lines.

The container is a nice glass-like bottle, and the applicator is an ampule-like drop releaser (forgot what it is called 😛 ) To use this night repair serum one must apply it at night on a clean skin before going to bed and before the moisturizer. What you need to do is take a few drops in your fingertips, rub them together; and gently and smoothly apply it over the face and neck area.

As I have said before I don’t have any wrinkles but I thought it is time I start caring for my skin future and do what I can to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the future. So, I got the serum a while ago, I guess about a month ago to see if it does any changes to my skin and appearance. I have to say that the results take a while to appear, in my case it took two weeks for me to notice a slight change in my skin’s texture. This change was not major, it merely made my skin a bit brighter, smoother, and even.

To be honest the results were not huge and wowing, it is the same results I got from other cheaper night creams and serums. I mean for the price and the great reviews I read, I expected to get a better, faster, more noticeable result. Unfortunately, that was not the case, I have to say I am very disappointed and regret spending $65 on this night repair, when I could have spend $20 on something better.

Again this is my own experience, there are other reviews that praise and love this product. What I want to recommend is reading a lot of reviews before buying this night serum and comparing it to other products.