About G

Hello reader it’s G,

I am an international student, working on my Master’s degree in Marketing Intelligence in the US. I have been in the United States since 2014. I like life in the US but I miss my family a lot. So, I can’t really say if I like it here better or back home. The reason I first created this blog is to use it on one of my projects for school. I choose makeup and beauty because it is a topic that interests me and because I wanted to share my opinions on my beauty products.

I wanted to share my opinion because whenever I research makeup or any beauty products I can’t seem to find an honest review. A review that mentions both the good and the bad. So, S and I came up with this idea that we each review a product and state what we think about it, to give readers a well-rounded idea about the product’s features. Since S and I have two different skin types and skin tones we thought that people would appreciate knowing what might work for them based on what works for us.

I have dark black hair with dark brown eyes. My skin tone is tan. I also have a very neutral skin type except for the T-zone on my face, it’s a bit oily. I also want to tell you that the skin around my nose is dry and breaks a lot.