Estée Lauder Not Impressed

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Hey lovely readers it’s G,

This product by Estée Lauder is an Advanced Night Repair Serum, a Synchronized Recovery Complex II. It is good for all skin types and designed to reduce aging signs. Signs like wrinkles and lines.

The container is a nice glass-like bottle, and the applicator is an ampule-like drop releaser (forgot what it is called 😛 ) To use this night repair serum one must apply it at night on a clean skin before going to bed and before the moisturizer. Read More

Skin Food Caviar Serum?


Hey it’s G,

I noticed that most of my posts have been about makeup products in the past couple of weeks. So, I decided to make a change and write about a skincare product. Its a serum for wrinkle care, but since I don’t have wrinkles I’ll talk about its other benefits, or at least what I observed on me. Read More

Smashbox Primer Smashes Your Face!


Hey it’s G,

My sister gave me her Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Hydrating Primer because it did not Clique with her skin, she had an immediate allergic reaction to it. So, I got it and didn’t use it right away because there was no occasion where I felt like I had to apply a hydrating primer before wearing makeup. Anyways, when I tried the hydrating primer, I felt an instant dryness, Read More

Strawberry Hand Cram, Is It Good?


Hello it’s G,

I love moisturizers and body butters A LOT! Especially the ones The Body Shop has but I was disappointed with their Strawberry Hand cream.

They said that the cream is light, non-greasy, leaves a smooth silky feeling, small in size, and nourishes hands. Read More

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream


Hey it’s G here,

I got Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream to help with my under eye puffiness and hydrate the area. I know it is a hydrating cream and might not help with the puffiness but I thought maybe if I used something to hydrate and moisturize my user eye area, the puffiness could lessen. The product was GREAT and Halo. Read More