Mac Cream Color

Hey it’s G,

Today’s topic is …. lip and check duo.. A cream color by MAC for lips and cheeks. It works as a lipstick aaaaaand blush. To be honest I only use it as a blush, and I have to say I love it. I bought two of their cream color Relaxation and Have a lovely day. Relaxation is gorgeous light rose shade. While Have a lovely day is a light rouge color.  Read More

Liquid Eyeliner Vs. Gel Eyeliner


G has tried high-end and regular drugstore eyeliner. This Yves Saint Laurent Liquid Liner is by far the best one G has used. It is a black liquid eyeliner with a has a very thin, firm, and flexible brush. The application is smooth and the brush is amazing, it ensures a precise, flawless even line. Read More