Not an Essencial Palette


Hey it’s G, 

Since I loved reviewing Anastasia’s Modern Renascence Palette, I decided to review another one of my palettes, Naked 3 by Urban Decay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share my opinion on this palette with you, hope you enjoy it. Personally I like the palette it has a nice variety of colors and the shades are pinkish, they go well with my tan skin. But I am not very crazy about it. Some people love the palette and consider it one of the best eyeshadow palettes out there but I disagree. There are other eyeshadow palette with a better color collection, texture, and price.  Read More

NYX Butter Lipstick – Smooth!


Hey it’s G,

NYX Butter Lipstick is very smooth and moist, which is perfect for my dry lips. It comes in many colors, but I only have two BLS29 and BLS17 (Lifeguard and Root Beer Float). It is a fantastic product, very smooth, it literally glides when I apply it. It gave my lips a slight shine but only for a little while, right after its application and it does not cake on my lips. Read More

What’s in My Makeup Bag?


Hello everyone it’s G here,

To start of lets talk about the products both myself and S has tried. Then S will talk about the rest of them. Read More

Lime Crime Red Velvet Lipstick

Hi it’s G,

This post will be about one shade of Lime Crime Lipstick (red velvet). I don’t have any Lime Crime lipstick but I love using the one S has, it turned out to be a Clique for both of us. Its a classic red velvet color. Matches all skin tones, such a vivid red shade. Its suitable for all seasons, which is Halo. Its formula is thin and it is easily applicable using the applicator. Read More

Tarte’s Maracuja Oil

There are a lot of reviews for Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, but I wanted to give my insights on it. My first introduction to the product was a small 15ml sample. I used it before bed to test its effect overnight; the next morning I got a breakout so I assumed it was because of the oil, so I gave it to S to try it out. Read More