Kat Von D Halo Lipstick

Hey readers it’s G,

Today I come to you with a lipstick treasure. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I have this lipstick in two amazing colors Vampira and Lolita. Vampira is a gorgeous dark mulberry color. Lolita is a stunning rouge color. Vampira color is as stunning as Dahlia Burgundy Black Flower. While Lolita is a Snapdragon flower without the contour 😛 Read More

Romantics Bear Lip Color (Lip Tint)


G got this Lip Tint product about 5 months ago. She has literally used it a couple of time only. You are probably wondering why G didn’t give it more tries, it could’ve worked. Well, not for her, because applying it was a nightmare and it smudged everywhere, it got into her teeth as well, how ANNOYING is that!!! Read More